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Fish abundance survey -the Srepok River

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25 May 2009

The Srepok River is one of the major tributaries to the Mekong River in Cambodia. This river is an important habitat and breeding ground for a variety of fish species, including those migrating from the Mekong River during the wet season. So far, there has been very limited or no assessment and documentation of fish species diversity and abundance in the Srepok River. An important issue is whether better understanding about the above knowledge can yield a better return for these limited resources. That is why WWF conducts survey that assesses fish species diversity and abundance, fish habitats, fishing methods, fish catch and consumption, and fisheries management in four selected villages along the Srepok River (Koh Myeul Leu, Koh Myeul Krom, Chi Met and Nong Bor villages).