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WWF’s mission in Cambodia is to ensure that there will be strong participation and support from all people to conserve the country’s rich biological diversity. Through the encouragement of sustainable use of natural resources, WWF-Cambodia promotes new opportunities for the benefit of all people, enhancing local livelihoods and contributing to poverty reduction in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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Forest Pulse Report 2018

The forests of the Greater Mekong aren’t just home to tigers, elephants, and bears, they’re also home to people!

19 Jul 2018 Read more »

Critically Endangered Mekong river dolphin population increases for the first time

After decades of seemingly irreversible decline, results from a WWF and Government of Cambodia census released today show that the population of ...

23 Apr 2018 Read more »

Annual Report 2017-WWF Cambodia

WWF-Cambodia's annual report 2017 highlights remarkable progress on conversation work in our targeted areas.

10 Apr 2018 Read more »

The European Union (EU) and WWF officially launch a 2.8 million EUR project to conserve natural resources in Cambodia

Today, WWF and the European Union (EU) have officially launched a project worth 2.8 million EUR (equivalent to more than 3.3 million USD) for a ...

29 Mar 2018 Read more »

New study shows over a third of protected areas surveyed are severely at risk of losing tigers

A new survey of over a hundred tiger conservation areas, where an estimated 70% of the world’s wild tigers live, found that only 13% of them are able ...

02 Mar 2018 Read more »

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