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WWF’s mission in Cambodia is to ensure that there will be strong participation and support from all people to conserve the country’s rich biological diversity. Through the encouragement of sustainable use of natural resources, WWF-Cambodia promotes new opportunities for the benefit of all people, enhancing local livelihoods and contributing to poverty reduction in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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News & Publications

The EU and WWF sign a 2.8 million EUR agreement to conserve natural resources in Cambodia

The EU and WWF continue cooperation for sustainable resource use and protected area management

25 Dec 2017 Read more »

WWF-Cambodia celebrates Freshwater Dolphin Day in sustainable style!

WWF-Cambodia and over 300 participants celebrated Freshwater Dolphin Day 2017 with a morning of bike riding, demonstrations, speeches, and ...

20 Nov 2017 Read more »

WWF convenes Tiger Expert Committee to advance Cambodia’s tiger reintroduction plans

In an affirmation of the Cambodian government’s commitment to the Tx2 goal of doubling wild tigers globally, the Prime Minister of Cambodia’s ...

13 Nov 2017 Read more »

WWF starts ambitious scale-up programme with official launch at European Union Embassy

The programme aims to alleviate and rectify the damage the Mekong river and surrounding lands have experienced with rapid and unplanned economic ...

27 Oct 2017 Read more »

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