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An important part of our work at WWF to bend the curve of global biodiversity loss is engaging the public. We are constantly seeking to inspire them to act and Earth Hour 2018 will mark a critical step forward in our efforts to achieve this.

Over the past decade, Earth Hour has grown from a symbolic moment to the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment and the WWF network's biggest mass engagement platform. Since 2007, the movement has helped mobilize people in over 180 countries and territories to take action to change climate change, and we are excited to see the scale and strength of impact we can accomplish as it unleashes this potential toward driving awareness and action on biodiversity loss.

With climate change having irreversible impacts on biodiversity - our planet's best defense against climate change - engaging supporters who have helped push climate change to the top of the agenda thus far, to protect biodiversity could be a game-changer. 


Earth Hour Cambodia

WWF-Cambodia started Earth Hour since 2012 and this year Earth Hour 2018 will be celebrated on 24th March 2018 from 5:00PM in front of the Ministry of Environment building near Koh Pich.

This year Earth Hour's them is #Connect2Earth.

The campaign aims to shine spotlight on the importance of natural resource protection and biodiversity conservation. We believe that everyone can contribute to the protection of the environment and the earth, which is our shared home. We can #connect2earth by taking simple actions such at switching off lights, turning off cars or water taps when not in use. 

Biodiversity and climate change are closely interconnected. Thus, protecting water, forest, and wildlife can help us to reverse the trend of climate change. Together we can protect #wildlife and #forest by not eating bushmeat and not using luxury wood. We only have one Earth and are utterly dependent on it for our survival and well-being.


How you can participate:

  • Switch off lights at home for one hour from 8:30PM to 9:30PM on 24th March 2018

  • Come to enjoy the concert, art performances, and candle lighting on 24th March 2018 at 5:00PM in front of the Ministry of Environment building

  • Share information about Earth Hour 2018 as well as other activities about environmental protection and natural resource conservation to family members, friends, colleagues

  • Visit WWF-Cambodia Facebook page and Earth Hour's website ( and Earth Hour's Facebook page ( to get updated information about Earth Hour as well as other information about evironment.


WWF-Cambodia: Earth Hour 2018 Video


The solution is multi-faceted and complex, change starts at home, change begins with you and your choices. For example: every single time you choose rattan over wood, you save a tree and all the life forms related to it. If each person made this choice, you could save entire forests. Or if you choose to reduce-reuse-recycle, you will end up saving money for yourself as well as preventing thousands of kilograms of plastic ending up at landfills.

We can protect our environment and natural resources. Together we can #Connect2Earth by not eating bushmeat and not using luxury wood. 

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