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Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services in Mondulkiri: Outcomes and Recommendations for Sustainable and Inclusive Land Use Planning in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country rich in natural resources that sustain the wellbeing of the nation's population and contribute to the country's economy. It has ...

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The Supporting Forest and Biodiversity Project Achievement

The Eastern Plains Landscape of Cambodia is one of the key areas of wildlife conservation in Cambodia. The region comprises two protected areas: the ...

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First profile of Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary

The new profile of the book shows an impressive array of wildlife species and rich habitat diversity, including 18 endangered and critically ...

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Five ways that cutting carbon helps you (besides creating a healthy planet)

Reducing carbon emissions definitely helps the environment. But taking steps towards climate-friendly living benefits us in other ways too. Here are ...

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Cambodia Renewable Energy Report 2016

Cambodia Renewable Energy Report 2016 - Sustainable energy use and alternatives for power generation in the Greater Mekong sub-region

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Earth Hour 2016 took place in an unprecedented 178 countries and territories, which makes it the biggest celebration for our planet ever; and it is ...

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Fish Catch Monitoring - Conserving National Fish Stocks in Cambodia

Fish Catch Monitoring in Kratie Monitoring and Protecting Cambodia’s fish stocks

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Conservation and Livelihoods - an Essential Link - Srey Thom Case Study

A visit to Srey Thom Community Protected Area in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary

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InVEST Workshop – Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services in Mondulkiri

InVEST Worskhop – Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services in Mondulkiri to Support Land Use Planning and Decision Making in Cambodia

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Population Monitoring of the Critically Endangered Mekong Dolphin

WWF-Cambodia's Technical report on Population Monitoring of the Critically Endangered Mekong Dolphin Based on Rark-Resight Models

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The Impact of Climate Change on Species

Read the new report from WWF exploring the impact of climate change on a number of key species, including the giant panda, polar bear, Sumatra ...

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Ranger Federation of Asia Newsletter Volume 1: July 2015

Read the first newsletter containing stories from rangers published by Ranger Federation of Asia

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Conservation and livelihoods: an essential link

Read our story from the field: Conservation and livelihoods: an essential link

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Improving livelihoods through community-based tourism

 Read our story from the field: Improving livelihoods through community-based tourism

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Community Fisheries and Livelihood Improvements

Read our story from the field: Community Fisheries and Livelihood Improvements

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WWF launches first-ever book on Mekong rattan species

Endemic to Cambodia, Pdao Bonla Dong Penh and Pdao Teuk Kmum are among 65 rattan species found in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. These rattan species ...

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A Mekong Giant - current status, threats and preliminary conservation measures for the critically endangered Mekong giant catfish

Damming the mainstream of the lower Mekong River would represent a significant new threat to the survival of the Mekong giant catfish, one of the ...

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Factsheet: Phase III, Establishing a Sustainable Production System for Rattan Products in Cambodia

In Phase III of WWF's efforts to strengthen sustainable rattan harvest and production,WWF’s Rattan Project, funded by Ikead, intends to expand the ...

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Case Story: Mekong Bird Protection and Rural Livelihood Improvement

 To improve understanding and reduce threats, WWF in collaboration with the government's Forestry Administration, has established a project ...

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Case Story: Livelihood Benefits from Dolphin Conservation

Listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List in 2004, the Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphin is part of Cambodia's national heritage and an important ...

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Factsheet: Tropical Forest Conservation and Venture Fund Project

This project aims to prevent the degradation and conversion of forest for income by providing alternative livelihood options and assisting in ...

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Factsheet: Non-timber Forest Products and Livelihoods

Communities surrounding the Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL) make their living from subsistence farming and the collection of forest products such as ...

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Factsheet: Protecting Rare and Endangered Birds along the Mekong River

The Mekong Flooded Forest (MFF) is a vital area between Kratie and Stung Treng on the Mekong River for endangered bird species.

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Asian elephant baseline population estimates

Through fecal-DNA based capture-mark-recapture methods, this study estimated the baseline population of Asian elephant species in two protected ...

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Wild Mekong: New species in 2010 from the forests, wetlands and waters of the Greater Mekong, Asia’s land of rivers

A new monkey, a self-cloning skink, five carnivorous plants, and a unique leaf warbler are among the 208 species newly described by science in the ...

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Establishing Baseline Ungulate Densities in Mondulkiri Protected Forest and Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary

 Research conducted by WWF and the Cambodian government in the Eastern Plains of Cambodia in the northeast of the country estimates the ...

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River of Giants

The Mekong River is home to more giant fish than any other river on Earth. Wild populations of the iconic Mekong giant catfish will be driven to ...

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WWF-Cambodia Newsletter, Jan-Mar 2010

WWF Cambodia Newsletter, Jan-Mar 2010 Vol. 5, Issue 13 • Jan-Mar 2010 WWF Greater Mekong - Cambodia Country Programme In this issue: WWF ...

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Tigers in the Greater Mekong

The forests of the Greater Mekong region represent the largest combined tiger habitat on our planet. Covering 540,000km2, or roughly the size of ...

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WWF-Cambodia Newsletter_Special end-of-year2009

WWF-Cambodia Newsletter, special edition Vol. 4, Issue 12 • Jul-Dec 2009 WWF Greater Mekong - Cambodia Country Programme In this issue: Fresh ...

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The Greater Mekong & Climate Change Report

The Greater Mekong region is already strongly affected by climate change and a lack of immediate action will come at great cost to the region, states ...

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Status and habitat of Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon in Mondulkiri

Yellow-cheeked crested gibbon Nomascus gabriellae is a Globally Threatened species (IUCN -  Endangered) restricted to the east of the Mekong ...

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WWF Cambodia Newsletter, Apr-Jun 2009

The WWF Cambodia Newsletter brings you field updates of dry forest, freshwater and rattan conservations.

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Steps to land suitability evaluation at commune level

This poster highlights all necessary steps to land suitability evaluation at commune level: 1. Establish provincial and communal core teams 2. ...

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The importance of forest and wildlife conservation in Mondulkiri province

This reports highlights the importance of forest and wildlife conservation in Mondulkiri. It features identification of: (i) zones with highest ...

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Rattans of Cambodia, guide

A manufactured product (chairs, tables,shelves) is what everyone refers rattan to. But ‘what the Rattan looks like?’ and ‘how many species exist in ...

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Livelihoods sustainability analysis in Mondulkiri province

Mondulkiri is a remote province in the eastern part of Cambodia where people are poor and natural resources are abundant. Fifty nine per cent of the ...

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Fish abundance survey -the Srepok River

The Srepok River is one of the major tributaries to the Mekong River in Cambodia. This river is an important habitat and breeding ground for a ...

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Socio-economic profile of communities around the Mondulkiri Protected Forest

To better understand the socio-economic situation of the communities adjacent to the Mondulkiri Protected Forest (MPF) and their level of dependence ...

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Rethinking Investments in natural resources: China’s emerging role in the Mekong region

This scoping study is part of a research project entitled Understanding China as an Actor in the Mekong Region, jointly implemented by the Heinrich ...

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WWF Cambodia Newsletter_Jul-Dec 2008

WWF Cambodia Newsletter, special edition Vol. 3, Issue 10 • Jul-Dec 2008 WWF Greater Mekong - Cambodia Country Programme In this issue: Remote region ...

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Biological surveys of the Mekong River between Kratie and Stung Treng towns, northeast Cambodia, 2006-2007

Between Kratie and Stung Treng towns, in northeast Cambodia, a remote 55km section of the Mekong River, that scientists have termed the ‘Central ...

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Report Abundance of Mekong Dolphin Population, 2007

Each year, the Cambodian Mekong Dolphin Conservation Project conducts a population survey of the Irrawaddy dolphin in Cambodia’s Mekong river. This ...

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Community-based ecotourism awareness poster

The ecotourism can help community people improve their livelihoods, while also contributes to maintaining the forests ecosystem. By describing ...

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WWF Cambodia Newsletter, Jan-Mar2008

Vol. 3, Issue 9 • Jan-Mar 2008 WWF Greater Mekong - Cambodia Country Programme In this issue: Another Mekong biodiversity section under protection ...

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