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Funding for Community Conservation

Khnheng village - one of the two TRAFO project sites.
Funded by WWF-Switzerland, Tropical Forest Conservation and Venture Fund Project (TRAFO) recognizes the multiple (economic, social and biological) values of forests.
The Bunong indigenous group has been living in the forests of the Eastern Plains Landscape for many generations. The majority of the Bunong people still uphold a subsistence and forest–based livelihood. However, over the past ten years the Bunong’s culture and livelihood have been threatened by forest conversions caused by the increase of migration and agribusiness operations in the province.

To assist the Bunong communities in protecting their remaining forests, WWF selected two community forests - the Trapeang Khaerm CCF, located within Mondulkiri Protected Forest, and Khnheng CPA, located within Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, as the pilot areas to receive support.

The TRAFO project was created upon the recognition that natural forests will not provide the same level of income that could be achieved with other land uses. The objectives of the TRAFO project are to identify appropriate financing incentives through an ‘Incentive to Conserve’ assessment, to establish and build capacity in the management of community forests, and to develop sustainable NTFP (non-timber forest products) use and management processes.

One part of the TRAFO funding supports the 30 forest patrol team members whose dedication to protection takes them away from their normal activities. Another part will provide financial support to CCFMC and CPAC members to start up new enterprises, based on natural products, or to scale up their existing ones to allow them to move beyond a subsistence level and, hopefully, provide continued financial resources for the management of their community forests.

For more detailed information about the The Tropical Forest Conservation and Venture Fund Project, download the TRAFO brochure.
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“The project support is very important for maintaining our forest. We use it to support patrols, internal meetings and for outpost establishment,” Fload Jens, Chief of Trapeang Khaerm Community Conservation Forest.

TRAFO Project Brief