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The Dry Forest Ecoregion Action Programme

In partnership with the government and other NGOs, WWF has developed the Dry Forest Ecoregion Action Programme. At the landscape scale, this programme addresses a broad range of threats to the Dry Forests such as conversion for agriculture, illegal wildlife trade, land encroachment, and infrastructure development. At more local scales, such an approach also has positive impacts for conservation projects at the site level.
The Lower Mekong Dry Forests Ecoregion Action Programme aims to ensure that:
  • Priority species are preserved in viable populations throughout the landscapes,
  • A representative and viable sample of all broad habitat units is conserved as well as the ecological and evolutionary processes driving natural communities,
  • Natural resources support socio-economic development, and appropriate development ensures the conservation of biodiversity,
  • Efforts to protect and conserve the Dry Forests landscapes are socially, financially, and politically sustainable.
	© Nick Cox / WWF-Cambodia
An exaple of typical dry forest habitat within the Lower Mekong Dry Forests Ecoregion, here as seen from above in Cambodia's Eastern Plains Landscape.
© Nick Cox / WWF-Cambodia