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Field workers installing camera traps.
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WWF was established in Cambodia in 1995. As a part of the WWF Greater Mekong Programme, WWF-Cambodia is one of 5 Country Offices coordinating conservation efforts across Indochina, including Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Myanmar.


WWF’s mission in Cambodia is to ensure that there will be strong participation and support from all people to conserve the country’s rich biological diversity. [Read more…]
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An Indochinese tiger photographed by a camera trap in Mondulkiri Protected Forest within northeastern Cambodia's Eastern Plains Landscape.
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Offices in Cambodia

WWF-Cambodia's is based in Phnom Penh, though conservation efforts are conducted through our offices at two field sites. [Read more…]
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WWF's Sen Monorom Office.
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WWF-Cambodia provides many opportunities to those looking to further their career and protect Cambodian wildlife, landscapes, and communities. [Apply here...]
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WWF-Cambodia Staff Retreat
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